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After seeing an animal you are interested in, regardless of if you have questions or are unsure if the animal will be a good fit in your household, please begin our adoption process by filling out an adoption application. Your application is not a binding contact; it simply shows that you are interested in an animal.

A member of our team will process your application and reply to you. Be sure to check your spam folder within the 1-3 days after submission to ensure you do not miss an email from our team.  

Our Adoption Process

The animal you adopt will have been vaccinated (age appropriate), heartworm or FeLV and FIV checked, wormed and spayed or neutered (age dependent) and given flea/tick preventions (if appropriate). 

STEP 1. 

STEP 2. 


Your application will be reviewed and we they feel the animal you are interested in may be a good fit, we will work with you to answer your questions and, if applicable, schedule a meet and greet. This meeting could take place at a neutral location, the foster’s home, or your home.

Keep in mind that we may be working with multiple applicants to find the best fit for the animal and it is possible your application may not be chosen. This does not mean you are not approved to adopt another animal through our rescue

STEP 3. 


If both parties (the foster family and adoptive family) decide to move forward with an adoption after a meet and greet, a visit of your home may be conducted virtually or in-person by either the foster family or one of our staff.  This visit is set up to ensure the safety of our foster animals.

At the same time, a veterinary check will be done (if applicable) to ensure your current pets are up-to-date on vaccines (rabies, distemper), spayed/neutered, and have been tested for any transmittable illnesses, such as FeLV/FIV. You may show the records to our staff member or we may call your veterinarian for this information.

STEP 4. 


Once home visits and veterinary checks are approved and cleared, one of our team members will send the adoption contract with the Abandoned Pets Ranch representative’s signature. They will also request adoption fee payment at the time of signature.


The adoption contract and fee may also be completed at the time of animal drop-off or pick-up, to save time (situation dependent).


Adoption fees cover the cost of an animal’s spay/neuter surgery (age dependent), age-appropriate core vaccinations (rabies and distemper), de-worming, any emergency vet visits, flea/tick preventative (if appropriate), and preventative bloodwork (a heartworm test for dogs and puppies over nine months of age, and a FeLV/FIV test for cats and kittens). The specific adoption fee for each animal can be found on their individual webpage on Adoption fees are non-negotiable

STEP 5. 


You will receive an adoption confirmation email or phone call when all applicable documentation is signed and completed. At this time, the foster family caring for your new family member will reach out to coordinate a pickup/drop-off time to bring your newly adopted pet home!

Previous veterinary records will be sent to you via email after the adoption is processed on our back-end. This may take up to a week.

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